Welcome to my Professional Portfolio

Hi, my name is Cristin Berdula. I am a 2013 graduate from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. I was enrolled in the central option, a cohort that focuses on Aboriginal issues, education and ways of knowing. This program emphasizes social justice through practicality in the classroom, such as lesson planning, differentiation, and creating an inclusive learning environment for all people. My honours art degree from McMaster University enhances my ability to add a creative and innovative flair to my lesson plans, and in the differentiation for the individual learner. I have had volunteer teaching opportunities with two school boards, and am an enthusiastic and motivated individual. Upon graduation from the Bachelor of Education program, I was awarded the Jeffrey Drdul Memorial Award in Special Education and continued my learning through the successful completion of the Additional Qualification course entitled Special Education Part 1. I am a passionate and dedicated Ontario Certified Teacher concerned with equal and equitable learning opportunities for all.